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At Star Surveying it is our mission to provide precise and professional survey and mapping services throughout San Juan County and Skagit and Island Counties. Serving our community for over 30 years, our staff works closely with local contractors, architects, real estate agents, and Town and County officials to produce field-to-finish services.

What We Offer

Boundary Surveys  ●  Topographic Surveys  ●  Simple Land Divisions ●  Boundary Line Modifications  ●  Plat Alterations  ●  Global Positioning System GPS Surveys  ●  Marinas, Docks & Piers  ●  Aerial Mapping Support  ●  Critical Area Mapping & Wetlands Survey  ●  Surface & Subsurface Utility  ●

 Mapping ● Subdivisions  ●  Court Exhibits  ●  ALTA & ACSM Surveys  ●  Residential Permit Applications

What People Are Saying

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Brandon C.

Communicating with Star Surveying was easy and informative. I was so grateful for their expertise.

SJI Fairgrounds - Copy.png

Star Surveying was efficient and very helpful in understanding my property's boundary lines.

Robert W.

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I've enjoyed working with Star Surveying and would recommend them to anyone in the San Juan Islands and Anacortes area.

Max R.

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A History of Great Work

Discover our past projects
and see what Star Surveying
can do for you.
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